Scarborough’s art and cultural diversity is hot and getting even hotter

Culture scene will be shining in 2014 thanks to a new project

The Scarborough Museum, which will be featured in the Hotspot Project. 

Scarborough will be undergoing a serious culture shock from a new project starting in the next year.

The Cultural Hotspots project will be running from May to Oct. 2014.

Nadira Pattison is the manager of arts services in the City of Toronto; she said the Hotspots project will be the representation of development in culture, arts and heritage throughout Scarborough.

“It’s going to raise the community’s profile,” Pattison said. “And it’s going to highlight the richness and diversity of the area.”

The project aims to publicize and promote the many outstanding cultural events, museums, artists and businesses that exist in the Hotspots areas.

The Scarborough Museum, for instance, is brimming with the fascinating history of the city and will be a part of the tour.

Museum coordinator, Elaine Savva, is optimistic for a fantastic outcome, since the Scarborough Museum has diverse events planned for the project.

[yop_poll id=”3″]“The museum itself tries to provide opportunities to showcase how multicultural Scarborough is,” Savva said. “We always have a fabulous celebration on June 27, which is Canadian Multiculturalism Day, so we are looking into creating a really nice multicultural event.”

The Hotspots project will plan to have lots of opportunities for youth involvement. Pattison hopes youth within the community will be excited to take part in the activities.

“The third thing we want to do is provide youth employment and mentoring opportunities,” Pattison said. “Particularly local youth in under-served communities.”

Pattison also spoke about the Lawrence Avenue project, a 5-km larger-than-life photography exhibit.

“It is going (to) work with local businesses and residents to be part of that project,” Pattison said. “(It will) tell their stories and what is great about the area.”

[googlemap src=”,+ON+M1N+1T3&daddr=Scarborough+Historical+Museum,+Brimley+Road,+Toronto,+ON+to:1859+Kingston+Rd,+Toronto,+ON+M1N+1T3+to:225+Confederation+Dr,+Toronto,+ON+to:3600+Kingston+Rd,+Toronto,+ON&hl=en&ll=43.727072,-79.233913&spn=0.080384,0.153637&sll=43.726453,-79.253156&sspn=0.080385,0.153637&geocode=Fc69mgId_ZpG-ymVzfrY8c7UiTEryB7xJ_F8NA%3BFQmwmwIdLqtG-yH0LOpckWiJDymvN7jEx9HUiTH0LOpckWiJDw%3BFc69mgId_ZpG-ymVzfrY8c7UiTEryB7xJ_F8NA%3BFYCzmwIdO15H-yn_xT9WctDUiTFf12xdgR2aag%3BFetomwId-D5H-yn7J6bYHdDUiTHUy9Hi6-p5mQ&dirflg=w&mra=ls&t=m&z=10″]

Some of Scarborough’s cultural hotspots within the city limits, which will be featured in the Hotspots Project.

The Hotspots project will also feature many arts and cultural organizations such as the Scarborough Arts, Mural Routes, Bluffs Gallery, Cedar Ridge Creative Centre, Scarborough Museum, and Theatre Scarborough.

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  1. maureen bright | October 10, 2013 at 4:37 pm |

    Hi Bernard!
    I am a visual artist, a member of Cedar Ridge and very interested in being involved in your project. Please get in touch if I can be of assistance.

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