Food bank benefits from the pumpkin patch

Realtor group raises funds and food for the Parkdale Community Food Bank

The Parkdale Community Food Bank recently received a much needed harvest thanks to a festive event held on October 19.

Thanks to the efforts of the High Park Real Estate Group, the food bank received  about a half-ton of food and $150 in cash donations from passersby.

The group set up shop on the corner of Cowan Avenue and Queen Street West, giving away hot coffee, donuts and pumpkins. They had 100 pumpkins ready to give out in exchanged for money and non-perishable food items.

Tracey Logan, a sales representative for the High Park Real Estate Group says it’s all about the cause.

“We’re not trying to sell anyone houses today or get anyone mortgages we just want to give back to the community,” Logan said. “This is where we live, this is where we work and it’s a great place.”

Logan’s two sons Nate and Cole Bailey excitedly approached individuals passing by their “pumpkin patch.”

“They’ve been great, I would never run up to people like that. All morning they’ve been going up to people with the donation box saying, ‘Excuse me would you like to donate to the Parkdale Food Bank!’” Logan said.

“Things like this take so much time. Like picking up the pumpkins and setting up the tent, but then when you’re doing it, it really is so enjoyable.”

Steven Swain of the Parkdale Food Bank says they greatly appreciate when groups take it upon themselves to organize events for them.

“It’s really good [for] us because we’re working on our own fundraising initiatives. It’s good that people in the neighborhood know that we have a need,” Swain said. “There’s always a need especially during the holiday seasons that are coming up.”

The High Park Real Estate Group plans to continue their fundraising initiatives, hoping to contribute and support their local community.

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By: Alissa Heidman
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Posted: Oct 24 2013 9:24 am
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