Rob Ford: I have no reason to resign

The embattled mayor of Toronto faces reporters after Toronto police confirm they have a damaging video of him

Mayor Rob Ford in an Oct. 31 scrum at city hall vows not to resign over latest police allegations. 

More than 50 reporters and camera persons swarmed the outside of Mayor Rob Ford’s office Thursday afternoon, after Toronto police Chief Bill Blair’s announcement that police were in possession of the video which allegedly depicts Ford smoking crack.

The mayor has always denied this video existed.

There was a web of electrical chords strewn about the carpet and camera people on foot stools and ladders, all jockeying for position.

When Ford emerged from his second floor office, reporters began yelling out questions.

“Why did you call a drug dealer 300 times in 2 months?”
“Did you lie about the video?”
“Is this acceptable behaviour for a mayor?”
“When will you resign?”

Ford spoke for less than 30 seconds. He stated that he had no intentions of stepping aside.

“I have no reason to resign,” said the mayor, before he retreated back into his office

The mayor’s office is currently set up as a haunted house for Hallowe’en and the mood outside his office was indicative of just that; reporters seemed possessed, and were chomping at the bit to get a statement from the mayor.


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By: Samira Mohyeddin
Posted: Oct 31 2013 5:22 pm
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