‘Yes I smoked crack,’ Toronto Mayor Rob Ford admits

Stunning announcement at Toronto city hall Tuesday

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford admits to smoking crack cocaine Tuesday Nov 6, 2013 

Toronto’s mayor, Rob Ford, admits to reporters at city hall that he has smoked crack. This admission comes after a vague apology Ford gave on his radio show Sunday where he apologized to his family, his council colleagues and his voters.

The mayor dropped a bomb on reporters Tuesday, who were waiting for him outside his office.

“Yes, I smoked crack cocaine!” Ford announced, after inviting reporters to re-ask him the question. Ford explained that the incident happened about a year ago.

“In many a drunken stupor, probably, and that’s why I want to see the tape,” Ford said, referring to the videotape which Toronto police have that purports to show the mayor smoking crack cocaine in the company of known drug dealers.

Ford reiterated the fact that he does not plan on resigning and that he intends to move forward.

The announcement came shortly after Ford’s brother, Coun. Doug Ford, told reporters he thinks the city’s Police chief Bill Blair needs to resign.

According to the councillor, the chief overstepped his boundaries when he revealed Thursday he was “disappointed” after he saw the contents of a controversial video that appears to show Rob Ford smoking crack cocaine.

“He has stepped over the line. He has shown a bias towards the mayor,” Ford charged.

Ford also asked that Andy Pringle, who sits on the Toronto Police Services Board,  also step down.

“The police chief does not intimidate me. I am the only one with political will who will hold the police chief to account,” said Doug.

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By: Samira Mohyeddin
Posted: Nov 5 2013 12:42 pm
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