Study shows mindful individuals less impulsive

UTSC research indicates they're less affected by positive feedback

A new study from the University of Toronto at Scarborough shows people who are aware of their own thoughts and emotions are less affected by positive feedback.

“These findings suggest that mindful individuals may be less affected by immediate rewards and fits well with the idea that mindful individuals are typically less impulsive,” study author Rimma Teper said in a news release.

The study notes that positive feedback is not as important to everyone equally. As a result, researchers believe the findings further prove accepting one’s emotions has a lot to do with a person’s mental well-being.

“Individuals who are problem gamblers, for instance, show more brain reactivity to immediate rewards, because they are typically more impulsive,” Teper said.

For a detailed description of the study, visit the online journal, Emotion.

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By: Tichaon Tapambwa
Copy editor: Kenya Bruce
Posted: Nov 11 2013 4:20 pm
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