Finding some serious coin in Scarborough

More than just a hobby for these coin enthusiasts

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Older paperback money was just some of what was displayed at the Scarborough Coin Show 

Thousands of dollars worth of old coins and bills were on display at the 17th Annual Scarborough Coin Club Show, many of which were worth much more than their original face value.

The Nov. 2  event brought out avid coin collectors of all ages and gave them a chance to showcase collections developed over a lifetime. Sometimes however its not always about just coin collecting.

“I had one gentleman come in with a cigar box, and although he had no coins of great value, I knew he was dying,” Vern Conklin said. “So I’d give him 60 bucks and he said, ‘I’ll take it, that’s a night out for me and the Mrs.,’ and it felt good.”  Conklin has been collecting coins for over 50 years.

Brian Lawrence, who has been collecting coins for almost 50 years, said the Scarborough coin show allows them to share their expertise with others.

“It’s a lot of fun, I enjoy the interaction with people, you can share your knowledge…and help people asking about coins,” Lawrence said.

The coin show featured everything from contemporary coins like the Vancouver 2010 Olympic ones often found in change, to coins from just about every country in the world. But the event is not just coins, since the show highlighted paper bills featuring the old $1 and $2 notes, as well as pins.

“People come and visit [these events] and they’ll learn a little and then sign up to be a member,” said Scarborough Coin Club president Peter Machulec.

He estimated the event showcased close to one million coins.

Another collector for nearly 60 years is Jim Breedon. He also sees the benefit of people coming together because of their love of coin collecting.

“It’s a lot of fun, it’s absolutely great, you get to see what other people have that you don’t,” Breedon said.

The organization meets the first Wednesday of every month at the Cedarbrook Community Centre and adult membership is $10. The Scarborough Coin Club will celebrate 40 years in 2015 and the club plans to honour the milestone with a special medal.

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