‘Relief’ settles over Toronto City Hall

Days into the 'coup d'etat' against Mayor Rob Ford, friends and foes keep watch on what happens next

Running a bit late: Toronto Mayor Rob Ford emerged from City Hall's second floor elevators to a waiting throng of media. 

Days after Toronto city councillors stripped Mayor Rob Ford (Ward 2, Etobicoke North) of nearly all but his ceremonial powers, the mood at City Hall has become, according to a couple of insiders, a bit more relaxed.

Councillor Janet Davis, (Ward 31, Beaches-East York), says the tone at City Hall has changed for the better.

“I think there’s certainly a sense of relief that’s kind of settled in on the second floor,” Coun. Davis said.

Councillor Denzil Minnan-Wong, (Ward 34, Don Valley East) long a Ford ideological ally, agreed there was new mood, for now.

But it could be the calm before the next storm, as Mayor Ford has threatened legal challenges to council’s decision to strip him of his operating authority, budget and staff.

“It will be up to Rob Ford to decide whether this is a peaceful transition or it’s not. I think we’re all hopeful that the Mayor will finally recognize that he has been sanctioned by this council,” Davis told a crush of media camped outside Ford’s second floor, City Hall office.

Despite the emotion and controversy of the last two weeks, Coun. Davis says she’s received no backlash from constituents.

“I think majority of calls and emails to my office have been a thank you for taking the steps that you did.”

But not everyone agrees with the Toronto City Hall coup de d’etat.

Outside Toronto City Hall public reaction was mixed, not only to the events of the past two weeks, but to Ford’s future as a city, and federal, leader.

Glen (last name withheld) who was at City Hall on Wednesday wearing a T-shirt that said, “I love Rob Ford, Toronto’s elected mayor” believes Ford made a difference where it counted.

“He tried to stop some of the spending and I think that’s a good thing. Most of them (city councillors) just spend your money like it’s water…

“His personal actions, as bad as they look, are personal problems he has to fix.

Looking ahead Coun. Davis says they all will be working hard to rebuild trust in Toronto’s city council.

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By: Joanne Kaileh, Arooj Yaqub, Lauren Libetti and SeYoung Park
Posted: Nov 20 2013 5:28 pm
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