Parking to be saved at Kennedy station

Community council supports keeping half the spots during renovations

Community councillors have voted to save the majority of the parking spaces at Kennedy subway station.

“We are retaining the north parking lot with 920 spots,” Ward 35 councillor Michelle Berardinetti said at council’s Nov. 19 meeting.

Berardinetti said she was pleased not all spots at the Kennedy parking lot would be demolished during station renovations related to the planned subway extension.

“(With) the vote for the subway, it actually retains half of the spots at Kenndey station, so there will be a renewal at Kennedy station but we’re able to retain half of the spots there because of the extension of the subway line,” Berardinetti told the council meeting.

Because there will be reduced parking spaces, Berardinetti said commuters can go to other stations to use their parking lots. However, Warden and Victoria Park will have a reduced lot space as well.

Domenic Garisto, head of Property Development at the TTC, said there would be a significant impact on the Scarborough subway parking lots during the construction.

“We are working closely with the Metrolinx folks,” Garisto said in the meeting. “We are establishing a plan of what to do with Kennedy, Victoria Park and Warden. So as of today, what we are looking at is that Metrolinx has agreed to have at least 500 parking spaces maintained during construction.”

Garisto believes there won’t be any impact to Kennedy’s parking lot until the construction begins in late 2015, early 2016.

“They are all depending upon Metrolinx’s schedule though,” Garisto said. “The information we have today seems to be the timeline.”

Garisto suggests commuters can go to Lawrence and Ellesmere stations on the RT to park their cars.

According to Garisto, another meeting to discuss the matter further will be held in December.

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By: Erin Cassidy
Copy editor: Jamie Anderson
Posted: Nov 28 2013 10:24 am
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