School zone speeders a real danger, concerned tweeter tells councillor

Ainslie hears of problem near Elizabeth Simcoe Junior Public School via Twitter

Drivers speeding past a school.

It’s a serious problem that concerned Scarborough resident Judy Tutchener enough that she decided to take action.

She took to Twitter on Nov. 6 to voice her concern to Ward 43 councillor Paul Ainslie and ask for his help.

Ainslie replied the same day asking for more information and pledging to inform police.

According to Tutchener, she was walking to a parked car on Sylvan Avenue when another car passing eastbound zoomed by on the driver’s side.

Speed is a particular problem in the area, Tutchener said, because it is a school zone with lots of kids heading to and from Elizabeth Simcoe Junior Public School.

The problem is one of enforcement, said Ashma Patel, Ainslie’s constituency assistant.

“What the resident can do is take the license plate number of the speeder and report it to 43 Division,” Patel said. “I can also ask (police) to patrol the area frequently.”

Tutchener said she was pleased when she heard Ainslie’s office would follow up with police.

“That’s great,” Tutchener said via Twitter. “Looking (forward) to some sort of proactive prevention of a tragedy.”

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By: Tarah Bleier
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Posted: Nov 28 2013 1:45 pm
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