Toronto Cat Rescue teams up for adopt-a-thon

Toronto continues to help create new beginnings for human’s furry friends.

The Toronto Cat Rescue (TCR) held an adopt-a-thon on Nov.15-17 at PetSmart located in Kennedy Commons at 12 William Kitchen Road in Scarborough.

Adoption fees were cut in price for the adopt-a-thon. Regular prices are $175 per cat, but were reduced to $100 for kittens younger than six months and $40 for kittens and cats over six months.

The adoption package included the feline is spayed or neutered, vaccinated (rabies shot too if age appropriate) and six weeks of pet insurance.

Tammy Balaniuk, a volunteer with TCR said the adoption package was a great deal, not just for everything included but also price wise.

“It’s incredible for somebody who wants to adopt, but even for $175 for example my vet, it would be way more than $200 to spay or neuter a cat,” Balaniuk said.

Mary Lou Leiher, program manager with Toronto Animal Services (TAS) said that the TAS holds about four adopt-a-thons per year including one this weekend for the American Thanksgiving.

TAS is waving the fees to adopt a cat that has any black on it in spirit of black Friday, Leiher said.

The adopt-a-thons take place around the city at off site places such as PetSmart.

The TCR has rooms at certain PetSmart locations where the cats and kittens are kept and volunteers are with them everyday when the store is open.

Balaniuk said that the PetSmart located in Kennedy Commons is one of the most successful stores for adoptions.

“The turnovers at this location are pretty high. Sometimes I don’t even get to see a cat or kitten and it’s already adopted. “

Leiher added that there isn’t usually a high turnover rate for people returning cats but will take the cat or kitten back if the home is not fitting.

“We will happily take the cat back and talk to the person about the cat and the reasons it’s not fitting and hopefully get the cat back to a new home,” Leiher said.

If you would like to adopt a cat or kitten, you can visit the TCR website, call them at (416)538-8592 or contact the Toronto Animal Services at (416) 338-7297.

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By: Kaitlin Clubley
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Posted: Nov 30 2013 1:30 pm
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