Cedarbrae Mall renovations confusing shoppers

Work expected to wrap by Dec. 15

Cedarbrae Mall is undergoing major renovations, leaving some shoppers and store owners scratching their heads.

The renovations have been going on since August, according to Wayne Charters, the mall’s operating manager.

“[The renovations are] good, but it takes too much time,” area resident Sajin Sultana said. “Sometimes we are confused … because that store is not over there or it keeps on moving.”

All of the mall’s lighting, interior and exterior, is being changed to LED lighting or high efficiency fluorescent lighting.

“We’ve converted all our lighting … to reduce our carbon footprint,” Charters said.

The washrooms are also being renovated and are getting low-flush fixtures to reduce water consumption.

“Most of it was aesthetics,” Charters said. “The mall (was) getting tired.”

Shoppers have been left confused and business gas been affected because the renovations have left the mall without a clear entrance, said Kelvin Lo, a sales associate at Fido.

“They blocked off that [entrance] so you could either go through this one or the back door,” Lo said. “I just want them to finish up so people don’t have to find their way in.”

Dana Demendonsa, manager at Stitches, said she has dealt with many issues since the start of the renovations, including a leaky ceiling that has damaged about $600 worth of merchandise.

“The noise, the banging, the dust coming from the ceiling … and falling on to the customers has affected us,” Demendonsa said.

Charters disagreed.

“The renovation doesn’t affect the shopping at all,” Charters said.

The renovations are to be completed by Dec. 15, and new franchises are set to open, including the Bank of Montreal and Real Fruit Bubble Tea.

Despite the inconvenience of the renovations on her store, an improved mall will mean improved business, Demendonsa said.

“Better retail stores will create competition but it will also attract more customers,” she said.

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By: Kenya Bruce and Nicolette Mendoza
Copy editor: Thomas Morrison
Posted: Dec 10 2013 5:08 pm
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