Development fees paying lion’s share of new dog park costs

Three new parks, upgrades to another to be ready by summer 2014

Two dogs play in the off-leash area in Thomson Memorial Park. By summer 2014, the dog park will be one acre larger and three new parks for dogs will be ready, Councillor Glenn De Baeremaeker says. 

Most of the tab for three new dog parks in Scarborough is being picked up by developers, Councillor Glenn De Baeremaeker says.

On Oct. 6, the Ward 38 councillor announced Scarborough will be gaining the three new dog parks.

The total cost of the new parks is pegged at $700,000, with $500,000 being paid for through what are known as Section 37 contributions: money paid by developers and used to improve communities.

“So most of it is not tax money,” De Baeremaeker said.

The first of the three new parks will be at the Hand of God Park on Borough Drive and will open to the public in spring, he said.

The second, located at 1967 Ellesmere Rd. at the Centennial Recreation Centre, will be open by summer.

“It will be the first dog park in the city that has lights,” De Baeremaeker said.

The third dog park will be located at 821 Progress Ave. at the Toronto Animal Services building and will also be completed by summer, he said.

In addition to the tree new dog parks, the off-leash area in Thomson Memorial Park will be renovated as well, De Baeremaeker said.

At three acres, it is currently the largest dog park in the city. The upgrades, which should be completed by summer 2014, include expansion by another acre, running water, a light installed by the entrance and a picnic shelter, he said.

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