Roads in good shape after storm, police say

Toronto drivers cautioned despite cleanup

Toronto police have now declared the roads in the Greater Toronto Area as safe after the Wednesday storm that brought  23 centimetres of snow coverage in certain parts of the city.

Tips on morning commutes

Leave enough time: “A lot of people leave not enough time to get to their destination.  As a result, they end up rushing and they get into collisions.

Remove ice and snow from your windows: “When people haven’t taken snow off their vehicles, a lot of times they don’t have a clear view of the outside.  When they take a turn, they may hit a pedestrian.”

Keep these important items in your vehicle: Stocks of extra food, shovel and some gloves. “I saw many incidents yesterday where people were stuck and couldn’t do anything,”  Stibbe said. “They weren’t prepared. They were stuck in their car, waiting for roads to clear or help to arrive.”

While the mainstreets are plowed, work still continues in clearing the side streets.  Salt trucks are out, but most of the major plowing is done, says Peter Noehammer, Toronto’s director of transportation services.

On Feb. 5, police responded to collisions causing property damage and injuries, involving 232 cars, according to Const. Clint Stibbe, speaking on CBC Radio’s Metro Morning the next day.

“Every one of those was preventable,” he said. “Unfortunately driver error always attributes to collisions. Everyone says it’s an accident.  But an accident is something that you can’t prevent.”

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By: Noel Ransome
Posted: Feb 6 2014 12:20 pm
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