Library thinks Netflix with Hoopla

Toronto library's new streaming service makes a library card all the more valuable

The Toronto Public Library is unveiling a new streaming service called Hoopla that makes your library card a multimedia pass. The content includes film, music and television shows for all ages.

Hoopla Walkthrough:

To sign-up for the service you need an account at This requires an email and a TPL library card number.

You also need the Google Widevine player installed. The player is supported by all the major browsers.

An iOS and Android app is available to stream content on your smart phone or tablet.

“We’re happy to now offer customers a great selection of music and videos that they can easily stream or download. E-content is our fastest area of growth,” says Vickery Bowles, Director of Collections Management at Toronto Public Library in a press release.

Here’s the video overview from the Hoopla website:


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By: Paul Hantiuk
Posted: Apr 8 2014 9:07 am
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