Previous charges revealed from murderer’s bail hearing

Dickson posted incest comments, arrested three times, according to information jury never heard

Reports of online posts about incest and previous criminal charges revealed the bail hearing of Brian Dickson have been released after his murder trial.

Dickson was convicted on Monday of the first-degree murder of York University student Qian Liu, 23. But evidence heard in the bail hearing in January 2012 was not presented in court.

At the bail hearing, Det.-Sgt. Frank Skubic of the Toronto Police said the Sex Crimes Unit had looked at Dickson’s Internet activity and found some disturbing posts on online forums, according to Canadian Press reports.

Some of these posts encouraged incest, Skubic testified.

At the bail hearing Skubic also reportedly said Dickson had previously had three charges withdrawn, one for shoplifting and two for assaults on women.

In 2008, a shoplifting charge was withdrawn. In the same year, Dickson was arrested, after a woman was choked and had someone put their fingers down her throat, the Canadian Press said. The woman did not press charges against the assailant.

In 2006, Dickson was also arrested following a rape. The crown withdrew the charges against Dickson for this crime.

After Dickson’s conviction on April 8, he was automatically sentenced to life in prison, with no chance of parole for 25 years.

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By: Kimberly Aglipay
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Posted: Apr 8 2014 11:19 am
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