Donation rebate program expected to help Ford

Program could help candidates solicit donations from outside Toronto

The City of Toronto has spruced up an old program that reimburses donors from across Ontario for up to 75 per cent of their contribution.

Rob Ford’s campaign is expected to benefit hugely, as much of his support from last election came from Toronto’s fringe. According to letters asking for solicitation, his first fundraiser is to be held in Vaughan, outside the city’s boundaries. The fundraiser hosts local business owners.

According to Ford,  the rebate program itself has been is use since the 1990s. Recently Mayor Ford’s executive committee began a plan to boost funding for the program, which was approved by City Hall.

“We’ve always done it,” Ford said at City Hall.

The city has estimated it will have to pay $4.8 million in rebates for this year’s election. Most other candidates, including Olivia Chow, are not expected to hold fundraisers outside Toronto.

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By: Erin Buckley
Copy editor: Preston Dozsa
Posted: Apr 10 2014 11:23 am
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