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Ball python found in east-end apartment early this morning

A Toronto woman named Dora encountered a slithering surprise early this morning in her apartment near Victoria Park  and Lawrence avenues.

A snake, about 2 feet long, was found at 3 a.m in her bathroom. Toronto Police were called to the scene. Toronto Animal Services arrived and captured the snake.

The snake is a young ball python, said Tammy Robinson, senior communications manager of the Toronto Animal Services. The snake is legal to own in Canada.

“Right now the snake is being housed at the West Shelter for the day. It is currently listed as a stray, so we are holding it in case somebody steps forward to claim it,” Robinson said.

The snake had no injuries when it was brought in. “Snakes really love heat. My guess is that it slithered into a heat vent and entered the apartment this way,” Robinson said.

The snake will remain at West Shelter for the rest of the day and will then be transferred to CANHERP, a foster home for reptiles and amphibians.

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By: Christine Hogg
Copy editor: Samira Mohyeddin
Posted: Apr 22 2014 11:20 am
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