York U to help low-income students attend law school

Loan forgiveness program will require repayment only if grad obtains employment

York University intends to provide free tuition to five low income students entering York University’s Osgoode Hall Law School — temporarily at least — as part of the school’s income-contingent loan program.

Starting in 2015, the program will waive tuition for five students each year who enter the Juris Doctor program until they obtain a higher paying job after graduation and are able to repay the law school. If a student does not find a higher paying job, one that would allow them to pay back the tuition fees, the school will forgive their debt.

York University released a statement about the initiative on their website. Osgoode Dean Lorne Sossin said, “This program will provide an entirely new way to access legal education, and when combined with bursaries, scholarships and graduation awards, will advance our goal that every admitted student should be able to obtain legal education at Osgoode regardless of financial means.”

The law school also posted the announcement on their Facebook page, which generated many ‘likes’ and ‘shares’ from users. A student on Facebook commented on one of the shares saying, “Yeah its pretty fantastic. Osgoode’s making me proud already!”

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By: Doua Hreiche
Copy editor: Nicholas Misketi
Posted: Sep 18 2014 1:19 pm
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