Rob Ford endorses John Papadakis for councillor

Rob Ford made a surprise visit in East York on Sunday to show support for John Papadakis.

Ford spent time canvassing with Papadakis who is running against current Ward 29 councillor Mary Fragedakis.

“I appreciate the mayor coming out and supporting me today,” Papadakis said. “I have been supporting the mayor for a long time, and I am honoured by it.”

Despite Ford’s health, he spoke to reporters about issues in the city.

“Jobs (are) the most important issue, we created 56,000 jobs, Ford said,”The city is booming right now, taxes are low … and there are no labour disruptions.”

Ford also told reporters he is feeling better after his second round of chemotherapy.

“Dealing with the chemo I have my good and bad days,” Ford said. “And there are more good days now than there are bad days.”

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By: Ali Naqvi
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Posted: Oct 19 2014 11:56 pm
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  1. H. c. Fuller | October 20, 2014 at 11:38 am |

    There goes Rob again, claiming that HE has created 56,000 jobs. Every economist on the planet knows that a mayor has almost nothing to do with creating jobs, yet Ford still grasps to the notion. Hoping that the sheep in the Nation blindly accept the rhetoric as fact.

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