Andre’s high-profile campaign laid low

Dave Andre
Dave Andre is interviewed following his defeat in Ward 29 tonight. Vera El-timany/Doua Hreiche

A high-profile campaign was laid low tonight in Ward 29.

Dave Andre ran hard starting in January and gathered some significant endorsements — but he was runner-up in Toronto-Danforth, and a poor second at that, with less than half the votes of incumbent Mary Fragedakis.

Bu his team still cheered him as soon as he entered the Factory Girl restaurant located on 193 Danforth Ave. tonight.

Andre described his experience as “challenging.” In an interview with the East York Observer, he said “my desire and my passion to serve the community does not end here. I will continue to find ways to contribute.”

He promised to eventually help build a transit system that is the envy of New York and Chicago. Andre also promised Ward 29 that he would create supporting programs for families who need a little extra help and to help youth find meaningful employment.

One of his team members, Norma Churchill, said she supported Andre because she “believes in him.”

“Andre ran a very positive campaign,” she said. “He keeps a very positive attitude. It’s refreshing to know there are people in politics like this.”

After Dave walked in to the room with his flashing smile and downed some appetizers, he called it a night.

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By: Vera El-timany and Doua Hreiche
Posted: Oct 27 2014 11:33 pm
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