Bussin falls short in Beaches-East York

Front-runner Mary-Margaret McMahon wins Ward 32 in a landslide

For the 107,000 residents of Beaches-East York, it’s going to be another four years with Mary-Margaret McMahon in the councillor’s chair. McMahon polled 15,762 votes. The runner-up was Sandra Bussin with 4,552 votes.

“I knew this would be difficult,” Bussin said. “It was really nice to go talk to people, and see what they were thinking. I also made life-long friends thanks to this campaign.”

Bussin had served a previous 12 years as councillor for Ward 32 when her term ended in 2010 with a 9,000-vote loss to then first-time candidate McMahon.

In 2010, she received 25 per cent of the total vote. This year, that figure sank to 17 per cent.

Bussin, who served as the Speaker of Toronto in City Council from 2006-2010, said that McMahon will face many issues in the coming years in the Beaches-East York area.

“Development issues here are going to be very intense,” she said. “I’m hopeful the nature of this community won’t change drastically. … What makes this community so remarkable is that it still has a small-town feel.“

Bussin is unsure whether or not she will run in the future. The new council meets for the first time on Tuesday, Dec. 2.

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Posted: Oct 27 2014 10:43 pm
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