Ford more years in Etobicoke North

Former mayor takes close to 60 per cent of the vote in Ward 2

Rob Ford speaks to supporters during election party

Rob Ford speaks to supporters during election party after Ward 2 victory

Former Toronto mayor Rob Ford has reclaimed his seat as a city councillor after winning nearly 60 per cent of the vote in Etobicoke North, Ward 2.

Still, supporters who attended a Ford nation election party at Woodbine Banquet and Convention Hall Monday night were left with mixed feelings as the election results rolled in.

While older brother Doug Ford’s conceded defeat in the larger race for mayor, all eyes of Ford nation were on the race for councillor.

“This is the saddest day of my life,” said Ford supporter Melba Fanelli  “We still have Rob. We can organize and in four more years Doug (Ford) can run again.”

It’s been a long road for Fords after much of the city turned its back on Rob during the last couple years of scandal and admissions of substance abuse.

In September Rob Ford was diagnosed with cancer and was forced out of the race for mayor, choosing to pass the torch to brother Doug.

As councillor Rob still faces challenges beyond the battle for his physical health. Top of that list includes a subpoena to testify in the upcoming Sandro Lisi’s extortion case.

Still, supporters of Ford nation remain committed:

“If the people can look past what the media says and look at what (Rob) Ford has actually done for the city they will see that Ford is the person who should be running Toronto,” said supporter Gennero Cardone.

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