Tory speaks to media, greets voters at Sherbourne station

Just hours before polls close, mayoral front-runner makes public appearance at subway station

John Tory speaks to media outside of Sherbourne station on Monday afternoon. Election Day polls close at 8 p.m. Geremy Bordonaro

With hours left before the polls close, Toronto mayoral candidate John Tory greeted voters and spoke to media on Monday afternoon at Sherbourne subway station.

When asked why he chose to make an appearance at this location, Tory was coy about his intentions.

“I would read nothing more into where I am than it happens to be a subway station,” Tory said.

Supporters dressed in campaign t-shirts and holding signs waited patiently for Tory at the entrance to the station. Many greeted potential voters as they passed by in an effort to drum up some additional support for Tory.

One Tory supporter, Sandra Simpson, says people passing by seem excited to see new faces in municipal government.

“I think that so many want to see change at City Hall. It’s fabulous,” she said.

Tory said he and his team have spent most of the day making phone calls and making an effort to get supporters out to the polls to vote.

Both Doug Ford and Olivia Chow also made scheduled appearances today. When asked to comment about what his main rivals were doing today, Tory avoided making any controversial statements.

“I think people have had quite a bit of politicking over the last nine months now,” Tory said. “I think people may be ready for a day where there is less of that in their faces.”

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