Tory wins a closer than expected mayoral race

Toronto chooses a new mayor

It was what the polls had called for, but not quite by the margin anticipated.

John Tory captured the mayoral seat by several percentage points and around 60,000 votes.

According to his campaign staff, Tory managed to secure victory through his SmartTrack transit plan and the promise of a united Toronto.

The room at the Liberty Grand downtown was filled with energy as Tory’s win was announced. One man even broke out into a inpromptu dance upon the final result.

Media rushed the stage to talk to Tory supporters while cameras panned over the crowd chanting his name.

The race managed to send in a staggering 61 per cent of voters to the polls, a significant jump since the last municipal election.

Despite the finish being closer than expected, most onlookers in the hall seemed convinced Tory would get a clean win. Balloons were hung from a net above the floor, just waiting to drop.

The co-chair of Tory’s campaign, John Capobianco, seemed the most convinced of Tory’s impending victory.

“We knew from the beginning he would win,” he said. “John had the plan, SmartTrack, and the attitude of the one Toronto.”

As Tory prepared to make his speech, the crowd continued to chant his name.

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By: Geremy Bordonaro
Copy editor: Christopher Lum
Posted: Oct 27 2014 11:28 pm
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