Ontario parliament talks about sexual harassment amid Ghomeshi ongoing story

Scandal brings up other sexual harassment cases in the workplace

Premiere Kathleen Wynne was probed by Opposition members, as Queen’s Park tackles sexual harassment amid the Jian Ghomeshi scandal.

Progressive Conservative MPP Laurie Scott said the Ghomeshi case has brought to light many other cases of sexual harassment in the workplace. She asked Wynne whether she would agree to striking an all-party committee to study how these incidents can be prevented in the workplace.

“I am open to doing whatever it is we need to do going forward,” Wynne said, “I’m not going to commit to a specific process at this moment.”

This is an issue that affects all of us,” Wynne said. “It affects every single one of us in the sense that we all have to be vigilant and not pretend that somehow this issue has been resolved because it’s 2014 and we have moved on.”

Wynne says she has asked her staff to gather the information that they need to know and is “open to having a conversation with the opposition parties” about collaborating on this issue.


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By: Xuyun Zeng
Copy editor: Tanya Debi
Posted: Nov 5 2014 12:50 pm
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