Premier Wynne heard sexual harassment allegations at Queen’s Park

Kathleen Wynne said she's 'taken action'

Premier Kathleen Wynne said she’s heard complaints of sexual harassment but isn’t releasing the names of the accused.

Nov. 5, federal Liberal leader, Justin Trudeau announced that two Liberal MPs have been suspended from caucus because of sexual harassment allegations made by two NDP MPs. Following the announcement, Premier Wynne let on that sexual harassment complaints also exist in Ontario’s legislature.

“In any cases, any allegations that have come forward to me, there has been a process in place and I have acted in accordance with respect to the need for confidentiality of people who have brought forward the allegations,” she said during an unrelated announcement at a Honda plant in Alliston, Ontario on November 6.

Wynne did not say how many complaints were made, if they involved Members of Provincial Parliament or what position in Queen’s Park the alleged victims hold.

“I have taken action,” she said. “I’m not going to go into specifics, but just know that I have taken action.”

Premier Wynne rejected a Progressive Conservative request for an all-party committee to study the development of sexual harassment policies in the past.

“This is not a new issue,” Wynne said.

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By: Will Koblensky
Posted: Nov 6 2014 6:06 pm
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