OPP: Bad driving top reason for winter accidents

Police say drivers, not poor weather or road conditions to blame for 33,000 accidents last winter

Ontario Provincial Police claim that most of last winter’s accidents were a result of bad driving, not poor road or weather conditions

The OPP says that last winter there were about 7,000 more accidents than in a similar period two winters ago.

Within the OPP-patrolled roads, last winter saw 33,334 collisions compared to 25,953 two winters ago.

“No other road safety partner can have as strong an influence on reducing the number of collisions during winter as drivers can through positive driving behaviour,” deputy commissioner Brad Blair said in the press release. “During the winter months, the way people drive needs to be very different than the way they drive the rest of year.”

The OPP recommends that drivers avoid driving unless necessary and adjust speed to match road conditions. They also recommend drivers use their full headlights while driving. Doing so will turn on the rear lights, helping to increase visibility.

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By: Xuyun Zeng
Copy editor: Kimberly Aglipay
Posted: Nov 12 2014 12:13 pm
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