Suspect and victim sought after stabbing at Broadview and Danforth

Police arrived on the scene but could not find anyone involved

Toronto Police are looking for a suspect in a stabbing that took place outside the Broadview subway station Wednesday.

They are also searching for the victim.

Police suspect that, after being stabbed, the victim made his way into the subway station instead of seeking immediate medical attention. Another possibility is that the victim could have entered a home in the area.

Officers on the scene refused to provide details beyond saying the incident is under investigation.

Percy Fuchs, an area resident, said he witnessed an altercation between two men.

“It’s like I just finished telling the police, it looked like they were both play-fighting,” Fuchs said. “They started pushing and hitting each other in the intersection, then one of them stumbled in the direction of the subway station. After that I lost sight of both of them.”

Descriptions of the suspect and victim have not been released by police.

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By: Jonathan R. Costa
Copy editor: Xue Bo
Posted: Feb 11 2015 11:32 am
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