The Toronto Zoo bids farewell to one-year-old polar bear

Humphrey the polar bear leaves the only home he has ever known to be reunited with his brother

The Toronto Zoo prepares for the departure of the one-year-old bear Humphrey SAM MCARTHUR/ TORONTO OBSERVER

The Toronto Zoo has said goodbye to Humphrey, a one-year-old polar bear.

Humphrey will be reunited with his brother, Hudson, at the Assiniboine Park Zoo in Winnipeg.

Hudson was also born at the Toronto Zoo and was later taken to the International Bear Conservation Centre in Winnipeg, where Humphrey will be staying initially.

Humphrey’s further training will be focused on transitioning him into a shared habitat, with two other bear cubs.

On arrival in Winnipeg, Humphrey will be placed in a separate enclosure alone, away from the other bears until ready.

The Toronto Zoo issued a goodbye letter as the polar bear left the facility Family Day weekend.

“The Toronto Zoo is proud to have had a role in the raising of Humphrey the polar bear and to have witnessed his growth from a newborn to a healthy, one year old polar bear,” wrote the zoo staff.

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