Police are pulling over distracted drivers in a hearse

Toronto police are running a distracted drivers campaign entitled 'That Text or Call Could End It All'

You’re driving and you hear sirens. Lights flash and you know it’s the police. You look into your rearview mirror and see that the police officer pulling you over is driving a hearse.

Since Feb. 16, the Toronto Police Service has been running its distracted drivers campaign, “That Text or Call Could End It All.” The event has been held all week long and will end tomorrow, Feb. 22.

The police are teaming up with Leaside funeral services provider MacKinnon and Bowes to borrow the hearse that’s being used to teach drivers the severe risks of using devices while driving. Handheld communication and entertainment devices are a problem the Toronto police are hoping to put a stop too.

Being a distracted driver is not limited to electronic devices. It can be associated with anything that distracts you from the road.

The Toronto Police are driving the hearse with a casket in the back as well as fully marked police vehicles.

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By: Lataevia-Ceianna Kemp
Posted: Feb 21 2015 4:41 pm
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