181 years old and still kicking

Torontonians celebrate with second annual birthday party for city

Toronto’s inauguration

By the early 19th century, the settlement of York had grown too large to be considered a mere town. British settlers fleeing the American Revolution and War of 1812 had made their way to the town, and as such turned it into the nation’s second capital. It was named after the Duke of York, but it was decided that re-branding was in order. The area on the north banks of lake Ontario was indigenously called Toronto, a word in Iroquois that translates to “place where trees stand in the water.” This was chosen as the official name of the newly inaugurated city on March 6, 1834.

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Torontonians are planning to celebrate their city’s big day in style tonight. For the second year in a row, nonprofit civic pride organization Happy Birthday Toronto will be hosting an event to commemorate T-Dot’s anniversary. It has been 181 years since the city was inaugurated.

“It’s a collaborative project; we work with different businesses across the city, and ring in Toronto’s birthday as best we can,” Happy Birthday Toronto founder Micayla Doria said.

The focus of the event this year is “past, present and future.” The organization praises the accomplishments the city has made in diversity, multiculturalism, arts, business and promotes a harmonious and prosperous future for the city. Quite fittingly, the party will be held at the historic John Street Roundhouse, a Toronto architectural icon.

“We have a gallery show going on, body painters, live bands, DJs, candy girls, popcorn, pizza, that’s the sum of it,” Doria said.

The event starts at 8:30 p.m. at 255 Bremner Blvd.

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