March Break starts early for Maple Leafs’ Kadri

Management's benching of Toronto's star centre backed by fans

A season filled with off-ice distractions shows no sign of slowing down for the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Forward Nazem Kadri has been benched for an additional two games by the club.

Kadri has been a bright spot for the Leafs this season, but fans seem to support Leafs management on the benching.

Brendan Shanahan, president of the Maple Leafs, suggested that the issues surrounding Kadri were ongoing, explaining the decision on the Maple Leafs website.

“We expect a certain level of professionalism, it’s time for him to start making better decisions. There is a history here.”

Kadri was originally benched for Toronto’s loss against the New York Islanders on April 9, for being late for a team meeting.

Fans appear to support the team’s actions.

“Are they being too hard on him? Maybe. Is it a good lesson for a young player to learn? Probably,” says Ronson Brown, a longtime Leafs supporter who graduated from Algonquin College with a diploma in Sports Management. “Despite their rubbish results this season, they’re still holding players accountable.”

David Janssen, Leaf supporter who blogs about the team agreed with Brown’s opinion.

“Kadri is by far the best centre in the organization, if they want him to be a part of the future they need him to grow up,” Janssen said.

Kadri sits forth in scoring on the Leafs with 36 points in 64 games played.

“I would be disappointed if I went to a game and Kadri wasn’t playing” Janssen said, “But if I’m just watching on TV, I don’t care. I’d rather they get a high draft pick anyways.”

Lifetime Leafs fan, Matthew Spratt had no sympathy for Kadri.

“He needs to grow up and start acting like a professional.”

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