Spring is here. Get cleaning!

Had you become sick of winter? Well, your cure has arrived.

Except for the biggest mounds in the mall parking lots, the snow has melted — and the formerly cold, crisp air has been transformed by sun-driven warmth.

After another hard winter, spring has finally arrived. As of today, it’s been official for two weeks. But as we take off our winter coats, it’s time to put on our dusting aprons.

Time to begin spring cleaning.

Spring cleaning can definitely feel overwhelming, especially since many of us have let things get a little out-of-hand around the house. But don’t fret; I’m about to share some essential tips to help you get started with your own warm-weather cleaning blitz.

The best place to start is the kitchen. Then bathrooms and closets. Don’t get frustrated. Plan to take some time. (Be prepared to spend more than just an hour.) The most important thing to keep in mind is to start in one place, and finish there before moving onto another task.

Sometimes the best approach is an actual plan of attack. If you are unsure of what needs to be done first, write a list. That may help you to remain stress-free. (Because, remember, this is an exciting task, not an annoying chore. Or so I tell myself.)

Make sure you have gathered all of the necessary tools to get your spring cleaning done in an organized fashion. Start with tape, boxes and garbage bags; these items are the best supplies to help you sort through what you are keeping/storing/discarding/donating.

Sometimes it can be a difficult decision to figure out what you are ready to part with. Just take some deep breaths and stick to your decisions. If you are unable to make a choice, try making a “maybe” pile and leave it alone until you are in a better frame of mind to take another shot. Do not keep items that no longer fit you. Yes, we all know the famous phrase, ‘I’ll lose the weight and wear it again soon.’ Well, why not just toss those jeans that are a few sizes too small — and allow room for the new clothing that you will end up purchasing. With new seasons, come new statement pieces anyway.

Above all: Remain calm. This will be a big job. But the sooner you start in, the sooner you’ll finish. And the closer you are to feeling really refreshed and ready to truly embrace spring with open arms.

Ready. Set. Go spring!

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By: Lataevia-Ceianna Kemp
Posted: Mar 25 2015 5:51 pm
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