Road or rail? GO Transit’s new vehicle would have both covered

...if it weren't an April Fool's joke

Artist's rendering of the Ambi-bus. Photo courtesy GO Transit

GO Transit has a new way to get commuters from the road and onto the tracks using one vehicle, according to an article on its website.

Metrolinx supposedly announced the purchase of 300 new vehicles, the Ambi-Bus, which can operate both on railroad tracks and roads.

The new vehicles would hit the road, or tracks, in 2016 and would be the first of its kind around the world.

A rendering of the groundbreaking technology.

A rendering of the groundbreaking technology.

However, a media relations officer for Metrolinx confirmed it was an April Fool’s joke.

Twitter lit up with responses to the joke early this morning.

One person tweeted, “That’s a lot of work for an April fools joke, all you had to say was that all routes are operating on time.”

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By: Jeffrey Sze
Posted: Apr 1 2015 9:46 am
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