Early morning raids in human trafficking investigation

Press conference today postponed indefinitely

Police conducted pre-dawn raids in a highrise apartment complex around Chalkfarm Drive in northwest Toronto this morning.

People were shown being led out by police in handcuffs. It is unknown what charges have being laid

Sex crimes unit Inspector Joanna Beaven-Desjardins was originally scheduled to discuss the raid at 10 a.m. during a news conference but the event was cancelled.

Acting upon several search warrants, police went through several buildings around the city’s west end. Kwong told media that other locations were involved in arrests, but declined to include addresses.

Police said further investigation was needed before an update could be provided.

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  1. We awoke in the a.m. very, early to extremely, loud banging noises. Very worrisome & frightening, & scary for us who live here & this was happening behind closed doors, & unknown to most tenants. We hear & learn about it only, on the morning news what it was all about!

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