East York will consider lower speeds on local streets

Toronto and East York Community Council has decided to consider lowering speed limits on local roads. The 12-member council voted unanimously to hold a meeting to discuss the issue on June 22.

Council reached the decision at its April 14 meeting. If members vote in favour, speed limits on local roads in the downtown and East York area will be reduced from 40 to 30 kilometres per hour.

Mary Fragedakis, councillor for Ward 29 (Toronto-Danforth), says that lowering speed limits is popular among East Yorkers and will make streets safer.

“It’s what the majority of people who I’ve spoken to over the past year have wanted,” she said. “People are speeding through the streets of Ward 29 on their way downtown.”

Fragedakis also said that a lower speed limit would not increase traffic congestion.

“We’re talking about the local streets, not major ones. We’re not going to slow people down on Pape Avenue,” she said.

Local roads are classified as those with a daily traffic volume of fewer than 2,500 vehicles… that generally provide access to properties… and that have sidewalks on at least one side. The community council is responsible for more than 600 kilometres of local roads in East York.

The full city council may also discuss a similar speed limit policy at its meeting next week. But that debate may be unnecessary since the community council has the legal authority to make the final decision on local road speed limits.

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By: Daniel Goldsmith
Posted: Apr 16 2015 8:58 am
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  1. Much much better idea than actually having to teach people how to drive properly. The Ministry of Transportation must be relieved!!! EY has some of the absolute worse drivers in all of Canada and most don’t give a damn about laws! Good job!

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