Sex ed protest continues in park

Thorncliffe parents say they'll keep kids out to end of month

A volunteer parent helps to school a group of grades 1–2 students.

A volunteer parent helps to school a group of grades 1–2 students.

Parents continue to keep their children out of school in protest of the new sex-ed curriculum in Ontario.

It’s the third day of protests at Thorncliffe Park Public School. Parents have continued to pull their children from classes in protest of Ontario’s newly implemented sex-ed curriculum. Parents are continuing to run a makeshift school at R.V Burgess Park right next to the Public School. Volunteer parents have been following the exact curriculum to assure that the children do not fall behind.

“I’m with these people because i’m fighting for not only for my kids, but for everyone’s kids who are here,” said Asma Shaikh, one of the protesters who supports the parents and is teaching them how to operate a home school.

Although numbers are decreasing, those who remain involved say they are dedicated to their cause. One parent, Azeem Mohammed, says he will continue to advocate until a change is made to the curriculum.

“These protests will continue until there is an addendum, retraction or ultimately a referendum,” he said.

Although protests will not continue at the park, plans are to move the makeshift school into a nearby library basement.

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