Harry Potter-inspired bar draws fans

The Lockhart opens in west end

A Harry Potter-themed cocktail bar has opened on Dundas Street West near Dufferin Street on Sept. 5, and has fans and non-fans alike waiting in line to see the magic. The name of the bar is a reference to the notoriously hopeless teacher Gilderoy Lockhart, featured in the second book of the Harry Potter series.

The Lockhart pub opened on
The Lockhart pub opened on Sept. 5. (Radhika Bhardwaj/Toronto Observer)

The bar is quickly gaining popularity, but there are mixed reviews.

“When I finally got in, the place didn’t really make me feel like I was In a Harry Potter-related bar,” said Sarah Kilmartin, a fan of the series who waited an hour to enter the bar on Sept.12. “There were only random references.”

The owners of the bar are staying away from using trademark names to avoid copyright issues. For instance, Butterbeer, the most famous drink in the series, is not served at the Lockhart — yet.

Alex Vesuna, another patron who attended the bar, isn’t a zealous Harry Potter fan, but enjoyed the atmosphere.

“I’ve seen a few of the movies but that’s it, so I didn’t know if I would like it that much. There were just enough hints to the movies without it being overwhelming or too much.”