Artist adds colour to the east end

A new community project called Transitions is expected to be completed this month on Coxwell Avenue

'Transitions' mural designer and artist, Sean Martindale  Sidra Sheikh/Toronto Observer

It happens to anyone who regularly uses public transit – missing a bus by seconds and having to walk to the station or wait several minutes for another.

For residents living in the Coxwell Avenue area who experience this, it may not be such a bad thing. The walk towards Coxwell station is becoming a bit more colourful.

A new community mural named Transitions is expected to be completed in the area by the end of September.

“We really wanted to make this something that the community could be proud of and that they’re happy to walk by or drive by every day,” artist Sean Martindale said.

The mural was named and designed by Martindale.

“It’s an area that’s really gone under a lot of change and is continuing to change so I wanted to recognize that with the word Transitions,” Martindale said.

Martindale is working with East End Arts on this project.

“East End Arts and I were approached by StreetARToronto – they had recognized that this wall really needed some love and that the neighbourhood wanted to see some colour,” Martindale said.

StreetARToronto was right, the neighbourhood is pleased.

“When I [saw] this I was shocked, it’s priceless – the combination of colours is so attractive and I think it’s a really good project,” East York resident Luis Caballero said. “It’s excellent, I wish they could do more.”

Some community members did more than just compliment.

“Daily we get at least one [volunteer], we’ve have had more than 20 volunteers [including many from the community],”assistant artist Vero Diaz said.

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