Reading week or relaxation week?

An Observer poll looks at what students really do during reading week — and yes, some of them actually read

As soon as classes begin in September, the countdown to reading week begins.

The wait is almost over, with most Toronto university and college students out for reading week starting Tues. Oct.13.

While the name suggests the week is spent reading, this may not be 100 per cent accurate.

In an informal poll conducted by Observer, students were asked a number of questions to gain a better understanding of what actually happens during reading week.

The results showed that while students do believe reading week is meant to help them catch up on reading, course work and prepare for midterms, it is also a week to relax, watch TV and take a break.

The poll of about 100 students found that most start their schoolwork and readings halfway into the break, and the majority said they still manage to get anywhere from 40-80 per cent of schoolwork done during the week.

While some may view the fall break as simply an excuse to sit back and do nothing, many students use the time to catch up on school work and de-stress after the first hectic month of classes.



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By: Sidra Sheikh
Copy editor: Nasra Osman
Posted: Oct 7 2015 3:37 pm
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