Three ghostly events in Toronto to scare your pants off

October events lead up to Halloween

The city has a few tricks and treats lined up for Halloween.

The Distillery District’s famous guided haunted walk is more popular than ever.  The tour take place everyday at 8pm. The guides wear cloaks and carry lanterns to peer into the area’s haunted corners as they tell ghost stories.

Rowena Brook, the tour manager is passionate about making the guides authentic.

“We’re a company that does a lot of research before our tours,” Brook said. “Before we include a story, we try and get as many witness accounts as we can.”

In Yorkville, Urban Capers is putting together a ghost-themed scavenger hunt. You’re advised to bring a flashlight as it’s enjoyed in the dark.

Robyn Yates-Cameron, the chief historian of Urban Capers considers this event to be unique in tone. The festivities run every Friday in October, at 7 p.m .

“It takes place around U of T campus. It’s about uncovering the hidden parts of Toronto’s history,” Yates-Cameron said. “All ghost stories and spooky stories are true. As you go through you have to answer questions that are spooky in nature.”

Old City Hall is hosting a scary tour. This one is for novice ghost-hunters, looking to find out where the ghost busters of yore went wrong. The event runs every Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 8 p.m.

Jason Kucherawy, owner and guide for I Ain’t Afraid of No Ghost tour, considers this event more serious.

“Its a tour for believers and non-believers alike. On our guides, we talk to people ( on the tour ) who may be experiencing a haunting, and give them a scientific approach to it,” Kucherawy said.

Whether you believe or not, these tours are sure to be a scream.



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