University-Rosedale too close to call

One-percent difference between leaders in latest poll

According to the latest polls the University-Rosedale riding is a close race with less than two weeks to go until election day.

Forum Research called 604 voters in the riding on Sept. 30 and found 39 per cent will vote for NDP candidate Jennifer Hollett and 38 per cent support Liberal candidate Chrystia Freeland.

The previous poll conducted for the riding in late August showed Hollett with a substantial 14 point lead (NDP 46 per cent, Liberals 32 per cent).

“This riding looked like an easy move for the NDP a month ago when they were riding high in the polls, but now that they may be slipping across the country, we are seeing the effect locally as well,” Dr. Lorne Bozinoff, president of Forum Research, said in a release.

Conservative candidate Karim Jivraj sits in distant third at 20 per cent and Green candidate Nick Wright at three per cent.

University-Rosedale is a new riding comprising of Trinity-Spadina and Toronto-Centre. It includes neighbourhoods such as the Annex, Yorkville, Little Italy, Moore Park and Kensington Market.

The University of Toronto’s St. George campus is also located within the riding, and as such a large part of the candidate’s campaigning has been targeted towards students.

Freeland served as the MP for Toronto-Centre since winning the byelection in 2013 to replace Bob Rae.

Hollet’s decline in popularity may be due to the nationwide NDP popularity decline, itself a result of the steady loss of support in Quebec in September. However, that hasn’t slowed Hollett’s campaign down as she continues with daily canvassing efforts.

Some of her efforts were captured on social media, by well-meaning Rosedale-University community members.

Hollett’s tiny lead over Freeland hasn’t stopped the latter from rallying support. She’s appealing to pedestrians and cyclists alike.

Two weeks out, it’s still looking like a tight race.

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By: Ryan Chatterjee, Bogdan Stanciu and Stephanie Backus
Posted: Oct 11 2015 10:29 pm
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