Canadians balance Jays game and election night

Fans lining up for baseball say they made sure to cast their votes earlier

Blue Jays fans arrived at Game 3 of the series — but only after having voted, they said. Marwa Sheikh/Toronto Observer

With both the Blue Jays and the federal elections in play tonight, the Canadian public had more than one team to root for.

As the Jays went to battle against the Royals in Game 3 of the series, fans lined up in droves outside the Rogers Centre, choosing baseball over politics as their entertainment of the night.

Despite braving the cold for the love of the game, it’s safe to say Canadians didn’t abandon their civic duty, with most people saying that they had voted in the elections before coming to the game.

“I voted this morning,” said Sabrina Husain, a Jays fan decked out in the team’s gear.

Advanced polling stations saw record turnout this year — perhaps largely because of baseball fans who didn’t want to miss the big game on election night, to judge by fans outside the stadium.

“I made sure to vote in advance polls last week,” said Jays fan John Moy.

Jays fans didn’t just show up to vote, but were also very vocal about how the elections would turn out.

“Honestly, I have a good feeling about the Liberal party,” said Sui Fan. “I think the youth are out there and that social media is really working.”

Steven Bellissimo, another Jays fan waiting to enter the game, had a different take on it.

“It’s going to be a tough election. I think it’s going to be a minority government, probably a Conservative minority,” he said.

Crowds of people waiting in line for the Jays game were  proof of how much Canadians love their baseball team, but their national pride extends to more than just the sport.

Trevor Ireton was one of the fans excited to watch his team play live. Being at the Jays game didn’t mean he wouldn’t update himself on election night news though.

“I will definitely see who wins,” he said. “I’ll check up on it after the game for sure.”

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