Scarborough North Liberal MP Shaun Chen

A new face for a new riding

Chen chugs to victory in the new riding of Scarborough North

Liberal Shaun Chen is the new face representing the new riding of Scarborough North.

Chen collected 48 per cent of votes cast to win the race for MP, finishing ahead of Conservative Ravinder Malhi with 27 per cent.

Confetti and silly string littered the air while “Eye of the Tiger” played loudly as Chen entered his victory party at LHL Seafood restaurant on Sheppard Avenue East. Before addressing the crowd, he circulated the room embracing supporters.

“I am fully committed to work with each and every resident to Scarborough North, to make Canada better for all of us,” Chen said.

“Liberals will work together to rebuild this country and create a Canada that is inclusive, a Canada where each and every Canadian belongs.”

Campaign worker Jamila Butt said she has been friends with Chen since 2010 when they met at an NGO, Mentors, that trains parents.

“He’s very inclusive. He’s somebody that can work with all the communities and is committed,” Butt said.

Sharyn Devine, a former Toronto teacher and vice-principal, was in almost in tears to see Chen’s victory for the Liberal party she said she has been supporting since the days of Pierre Trudeau, the father of Prime Minister-elect Justin Trudeau.

“I couldn’t be any happier to see Chen and his win,” Devine said.

Chen addressed the crowd in a cheerful and emotional speech.

“I will work hard, to be responsive, to make sure that the people of Scarborough North are well represented in Ottawa, that they have a strong voice, and they have a champion who will fight for them – because this community deserves it,” he said.

“We have an incredibly rich and diverse and multicultural riding, which epitomizes what it means to be Canadian.”

This year’s campaign has been Canada’s longest since the 19th century. When asked for his first course of action as MP, Chen laughed and said, “to go get some good sleep for sure.”