NDP’s Scott slams Liberals

Outgoing Toronto-Danforth MP accuses victors of 'phony authenticity'

The Liberal Party struck a blow at the heart of the NDP power base as Craig Scott lost his seat in the riding of Toronto-Danforth.

This blow did not stop Scott from attacking the Liberals.

Scott won the seat in 2012 by a 60 per cent margin in a byelection following death of the former NDP leader, Jack Layton.

Julie Dabrusin of the Liberal Party took the riding with 23,531 votes to Scott’s 22,261.

When Scott appeared before supporters at The Fox and Fiddle on Danforth Avenue Monday, he called into question the motives of the new majority Liberal government.

“The Liberals, as a whole, have coasted on a wave not of their own making and not one that they deserve … given that they have not been a part of actually taking the fight to Stephen Harper until they dressed themselves up that way in the last 11 weeks,” Scott said.

He labelled this tactic, “phony authenticity.”

Scott said he worries about Liberal leader and prime minister-designate Justin Trudeau’s public persona.

“There is still somebody who needs to be held to account and not enter…24 Sussex Drive with the (mentality) of the king has arrived,” he said.

But Scott did congratulate Trudeau.

“We need to wish this new Prime Minister well, he’s a smart man…do not think Justin Trudeau’s not intelligent. But there are lots of things he has to do to gain my trust as a Canadian citizen,” Scott said.

Scott also gave an endorsement for Dabrusin, saying “she will make a good MP. She’s got a great background, she’s a very smart woman.”

He made mention of the outgoing Conservative Party, saying, “We should celebrate the fact that the Conservatives are gone from power. They truly were destroying this country.”

NDP MPP Peter Tabuns, who represents Toronto-Danforth at Queen’s Park, spoke of Scott carrying on Layton’s legacy.

“He’s been our critic for democratic reform and has gone across Canada promoting proportional representation…and that’s entirely consistent with Jack’s legacy,” Tabuns said.

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Posted: Oct 20 2015 2:34 pm
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