Taking sides with seasonal fare

10 interesting side dishes to spice up your fall meals

Whether it’s for Canadian Thanksgiving, American Thanksgiving or just a evening in with friends, we have you covered with 10 side dishes that are guaranteed to spice up your fall dinners.

Sweet Potatoes:

Everyone loves sweet potatoes, but very few people make sweet potato mash. However, sometimes the smallest changes can make the biggest difference. Sweet mashed potatoes have enough familiarity that the picky eaters will enjoy them, but a new flavour that will impress everyone else.


Chickpeas are one of the most versatile foods used today, they’re also one of the healthiest. The best thing about them however is  they can be used for either a main or a side. Chickpea curry is a good choice for any fall potlucks.


Barbeque corn is one of the easiest sides to make, especially considering that you don’t even have to husk it. Simply toss it on the grill. The fact that corn is readily available, cheap and fresh in the fall makes it a go to side, especially on those gorgeous fall afternoons


Squash can be used for several dishes that are popular in the cooler months. An incredibly versatile food, squash can be used as the base for several different sides, whether it is soup, stuffed squash or casseroles.


The food of summer 2015 has transitioned over into the fall. There are several salads that quinoa takes to the next level. A particular favourite is adding cranberries, lemon juice, chives  and pecans. Vegan-friendly and sure to have your friends asking for the recipe.

Root Vegetables:

Root Vegetables are a criminally overlooked food. Cheap and readily available, especially in the colder months, they have an earthy bold flavour. Simple to make and easy to season, they are best served at room temperature. An easy recipe is pan-frying several root vegetables and seasoning them with either rosemary or thyme.

Brussel Sprouts:

Sometimes the classics just need a little bit of love. Even if you hated Brussel sprouts as a child this recipe will convert you. Baking them in a cast iron pan, with pecans, bacon and maple syrup will have you wondering why you waited all these years to eat your veggies.

 Pumpkin Pot Pie:

This dish is a play on chicken pot pie. It’s great as either a side dish for those fall feasts, however it can also double as a main for any vegetarian guests that may be coming over for dinner.

Walnut and Apple Stuffing:

Stuffing is generally a favourite at any thanksgiving dinner, however sometimes it can be slightly bland. Changing the flavour profile with apples and walnuts gives stuffing a fresh fall taste. An easy way to impress your guests is by using gluten-free bread, with gluten-free foods all the rage in 2015 this stuffing is sure to delight.

Chipotle Carrot Soup:

Sweet and spicy, smokey yet creamy. This soup is sure to be a favourite. Pairing well with many different meats this soup is perfect for those cold mid-fall meals. The flavours as well as the bright orange colour are sure to draw your guests in and keep them coming back until the pot is empty.

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