Liberal rep Bill Morneau defeats Linda McQuaig in Toronto Centre riding

The long awaited night has come and gone leaving many either delivering victory or concession speeches following Monday night’s election results.

NDP candidate for Toronto Centre, Linda McQuaig, was among those delivering concession speeches after she was defeated by Liberal candidate Bill Morneau for the Toronto Centre riding.

McQuaig was confident people would vote in her favour because of the support she received while campaigning, but the votes did not reflect that.

“People seem to recognize me on the street and come up and are very encouraging, so it feels like we’re going to win that’s all I can say,” McQuaig said on October 9.

However optimistic, Morneau took the riding with 58 per cent of the votes, defeating McQuaig at 26 per cent.

However McQuaig’s predictions for the night were not completely wrong, as she was confident a Conservative candidate would not win the downtown riding.

“There’s not a strong Conservative candidate — they’re not a factor — so people don’t need to worry about strategic voting, they can vote either Liberal or NDP and that’s a vote against Harper,” McQuaig said.

The Liberals won a majority government Monday night, capturing 184 seats, with new Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, at the helm.

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By: Sidra Sheikh
Posted: Oct 21 2015 12:21 pm
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