Toronto eateries participating in Restaurants for Change

Donating tonight's proceeds to food programs

Toronto is to host a massive food-driven charity event tonight.

Eighteen of some of Toronto’s most prestigious eateries are participating in Restaurants for Change, a charity event  organized by Community Food Centres Canada.

For one night the restaurants are donating proceeds from their dinner service to support food programs for lower-income communities in Canada. The food programs will focus on providing healthier alternatives and more accessibility to healthy foods.

“We believe that access to healthy food is right,” said Nick Saul, president of Community Food Centres Canada, in a statement. “We also believe that bringing people together around good food can create healthier, fairer and more connected communities.”

Some of the better-known restaurants participating in the Oct. 21 event include Jacobs & Co. Steakhouse, The Drake Hotel and Bar Buca.

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By: Ben Rappaport
Copy editor: Sayada Nabi
Posted: Oct 21 2015 3:11 pm
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