Back to the Future has finally arrived

In celebration of Back to the Future Day, the DeLorean appeared at Yonge and Dundas Square

Ken Kapalowski’s faithfully recreated DeLorean at Yonge Dundas Square MELVIN GOMEZ/TORONTO OBSERVER

Marty McFly is no longer in the future.

In Back to the Future ll, Marty McFly and Emmet (Doc) Brown traveled to the Future.

Oct. 21 2015 was officially designated Back to the Future Day, as that was the date that Marty McFly and (Doc) Brown traveled from 1985 to 2015. Although hoverboards, self-tying shoelace and crazy ‘Pepsi Perfect’ beverages are still not prevalent, we celebrate the innovative projections.

To celebrate Back to the Future Day, Doc and Marty brought their famous DeLorean time automobile to Yonge and Dundas Square, organizers joked.

“Today they dropped off the DeLorean here and they are off in

How to celebrate Back to the Future Day in Toronto

Cineplex Various Cineplex theatres will be screening Back to the Future films in theatres on October 21st and 25th. Fans can catch the first two films on the 21st, or can view the entire trilogy on the 25th.

Social Capital Theatre will be celebrating Back to the Future from Oct. 20 – 22. Showing one installment of the series each day. Beginning with the first part on the Oct. 20 and ending part three on Oct 22.

Dundas Video: View the entire trilogy at Dundas Video on Oct 21.The screening will begin at 4:29, the exact time that Marty, Jennifer, and Doc blasted into 2015 in Doc’s DeLorean.

there adventures in the city,” said Andrew Ashton, digital marketing specialist for Pizza Hut. “People can come down here and take photos with the DeLorean.”

Pepsi and Pizza hut Canada were also there giving away free pop, pizza and prizes, and one lucky winner will get the futuristic Pepsi Perfect that appeared in the film.

Carlos Valenzuela, a self-proclaimed Back to the Future super-fan, came by Yonge and Dundas to celebrate the event.

“I’m a huge fan of Back to the Future,” Valenzuela said. “I heard the DeLorean was here so I had to come by and take a picture with it.”

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