Peel school board introduces uniforms

Policy to be implemented school by school, based on parent demand

Elementary and secondary school students in the Peel District soon may not have to face the tough task of choosing what to wear to school anymore.

The members of the Peel District School Board approved uniforms on Monday, letting parents at each school determine whether to implement them.

The school board director says the program will be implemented only on a school-by-school basis.

“This is gauged by consultation with the school council,” Brian Woodland said. “If there is a [parent] demand, there is a vote. Seventy-five per cent approval, with at least 75 per cent of parents voting, is required to move forward.”

Board communications manager Carla Pereira says the uniforms may not be the same at each school.

It will be all part of the process when they deliberate with the students, parents and staff at the individual schools.

A pilot was conducted at one school at Central Peel, where students wore black pants and a choice of a golf shirt or a sweatshirt.

Some students at Peel District schools have taken to Twitter to share their discontent with the possibility of mandatory uniforms.

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By: Arifa Rattansi
Copy editor: Jeffrey Sze
Posted: Nov 12 2015 10:44 am
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